You’ve seen the infomercials, but is Bosley the clinic you need to treat your hair loss?  Before you make a decision to go see them for a consultation, let’s examine the good and the bad.

Hair Transplant Results (Positive)

Nothing matters more than good results!  When you go on a date, you want to look and feel your best.  When you get in front of a group, you should feel confident delivering your presentation.  When you get out of the pool, you should feel good running your fingers through your hair.  Bosley has performed over 200,000 hair procedures, with impressive results (see below)!


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Hair Transplant Results (Negative)

As with any procedure there are downsides.  Expect to have some redness for 1-2 weeks after the procedure, and avoid strenuous exercise.

Convenient Locations (Positive)

With over 70 locations, you don’t have to travel far to learn more or have a procedure done.

Latest Technology (Positive)

Bosley offers both strip and follicular unit extraction (FUE).  Strip extractions allow for larger procedures (if you have substantial hair loss), and quicker recovery (you can wear your hair long before the procedure, so you can keep it secret if you desire).  FUE procedures are best if you want to have a short hairstyle afterwards, as there is no scar in the back.  Most importantly Bosley implants the hairs individually, which allows for a very natural hair line even up close.

Cost (Positive)

Bosley charges on a “per graft” basis.  In general, if you finance your procedure, expect the payments to start around $120 per month.

Free Consultation and Information Kit (Positive)

Your hair loss is unique.  Maybe you don’t need a transplant at all.  Maybe you just need a special shampoo or pill like Propecia.  Bosley will help you decide what is best for you, and they won’t even charge you for the visit.


Bosley results are generally very natural and attractive.  They have convenient locations, use the latest technology, and are generally cheaper than others.  They will meet with you for free, or send you a free information kit, to help you figure out your best options.  Overall, if the Doctor in your location is accredited, compassionate, and takes an interest in you, it might be your best value!  Find out if Bosley is a good option for you by requesting a free information kit.